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Peak Dual Up/Dn converter IF- to Ku-band (13.75-14.5GHz), P7000

Condition:Used and tested
Manufacturer:Peak Communications, Ltd.

Peak P7000 Dual converter Up/Dn IF- to Ku-band (13.75-14.5GHz)

The Peak P7000 Dual Converter Up/Dn IF- to Ku-band is a next generation fully synthesized combined L-Band Up and Down-converter which provides a low-cost solution for systems requiring an IF interface at 70 MHz ± 18MHz or 140MHz ± 36MHz. The unit incorporates a graphics display module, membrane keyboard and features a clear and intuitive control and configuration menu fully utilizing the unique graphics display. The Peak P7000 has an integral redundancy controller for 1:1 & 1:2 operation, and a CANBUS® interface for 1:N systems.

The Peak P7000series of converters are designed to meet the phase noise, spurious, level and frequency stability requirements of Intelsat IBS/ Eutelsat SMS specifications and is compliant with IESS 308/309. The product is most suitable for both high and low-rate data and both digital and analogue TV signals.


  • Compliant with IESS 308/IESS 309 requirements
  • Used for 8PSK and 16QAM modulations in excess of 50Mbits/sec
  • 1:1 & 1:2 inbuilt redundancy control (see T1000/R1000 and T2000/R2000 redundancy unit data sheets)
  • CANBUS® for 1:N systems (see RCU1000 series redundancy unit data sheet)
  • Aux DC and 10MHz reference outputs for Block Up and Downconverters
  • Software selectable spectrum inversion on Downconverter
  • External alarm monitoring for Block Converters
  • Software trimming of internal primary frequency reference
  • L-Band monitoring points

This is a used device that will be tested prior to shipping EXW The Netherlands. Please ask us for more details.

Peak Dual Up/Dn converter IF- to Ku-band (13.75-14.5GHz), P7000

Peak P7000 Dual Up-Dn converters
Peak P7000 frequency converter front view
Peak P7000 frequency converter rear view

Peak Dual Up/Dn converter IF- to Ku-band (13.75-14.5GHz), P7000

Datasheet Peak P7000 IF to L-band Up-DownconverterOperations Manual Peak P7000 Upconverter

Peak Dual Up/Dn converter IF- to Ku-band (13.75-14.5GHz), P7000

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