VertexRSI Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) for C-band

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VertexRSI Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) for C-band


The VertexRSI Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) for C-band is a fully synthesized tracking receiver developed for satellite tracking and uplink power control applications. This DSP-based receiver accepts wideband RF inputs, performs frequency selection, and digitally processes the selected signal.

The DTR can be configured for numerous input frequency ranges from L-band to Ka-band. Multi-band applications are also readily accommodated. DDS techniques facilitate 1kHz frequency resolution for any input frequency range.

The use of DSP technology, rather than conventional analog radio techniques, provides outstanding linearity and operational flexibility. Software controlled signal detection can accommodate virtually any modulation scheme.

A powerful and intuitive user inter- face provides the ability to custom configure specific applications in a very straightforward manner. The user settings provide easy configuration of tracking signal slope to match a wide range of next-level system components. A ‘Spectral Display’ function allows the user to view real time amplitude vs frequency data.

The flexibility and unparalleled attributes, resulting from state-of-the-art concepts and components, places the DTR at the forefront of receiver technology.


Key Features  

  • Input range of 950–2050 MHz for L-band configuration
  • L-, S-, C-, X-, Ku, and Ka-band single and multi-band configurations available
  • Single/Dual direct-connect polarization inputs
  • Wide input signal dynamic range (70dBm nominal)
  • Outstanding sensitivity (minimum C/No is better than 35dB-Hz)
  • Fully synthesized tuning with 1kHz tuning steps
  • User-selectable tracking slope
  • Contextual menus, spin knob and keypad aid user interaction
  • Monopulse capability
  • Spectral display


Additional Features

  • Excellent tracking signal linearity
  • Absolute input power level display
  • Serial and parallel remote-control capability (contact closure; RS-232, RS-422)
  • Front Panel 70MHz monitor port (50Ω BNC female)


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VertexRSI Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) for C-band

VertexRSI DTR front1
VertexRSI DTR front2
VertexRSI DTR rear
VertexRSI DTR lable

VertexRSI Digital Tracking Receiver (DTR) for C-band

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