Skybrokers delivered a refurbished VertexRSI 11.1m antenna to Satgate in Vilnius Lithuania

Skybrokers delivered a refurbished VertexRSI 11.1m antenna

In 2013 Satgate Teleport in Lithuania ordered its 2nd antenna with Skybrokers. A VertexRSI 11.1m Earth Station antenna was delivered and installed by the technicians from the customer. We were responsible for panel alignment with special tooling and our antenna supervisor aligned the 2-tier reflector successfully in March 2014.

Satgate is an independent Teleport operator that was founded in November 2001, providing satellite Internet services to Central and Eastern Europe. In 2004 the company established its teleport in Vilnius in Lithuania, that became the solid platform for further business running and holding development.


Skybrokers is a reliable source for all sorts of SatCom equipment. New as well as Used. We use them on a regular basis.

Kirill Lupandin
CEO SatGate, Vilnius, Lithuania