Satellite footprints

ChinaSat-18 (ZX-18) at 116° East (lost)

Position:116° East (lost)
Launch operator:CGWIC
Launch vehicle:Long March 3B
Launch date:08/19/2019
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

ChinaSat-18 satellite was ordered with Chinese satellite manufacturer CAST, and is operated by satellite operator ChinaSat. The satellite provides Ku commercial communications services with 30 Ku-band transponders, Ka broadband communication services with 14 Ka-band MSS-spot user beams and exploring Ka-band broadcasting services with 2 Ka BSS-band transponders within the service coverage areas. The spacecraft has a 15-year design lifetime and a 5,000 kg launch mass.

The ChinaSat-18 satellite was launched on August 19th, 2019 on a Long March 3B (CZ-3B) rocket operated by launch operator CGWIC, from the Xichang LA-2 launch base.

The satellite suffered anomalies after launch and no contact could be established. The satellite was declared as total loss and ChinaSat filed an insurance claim for the loss of the ChinaSat-18.

ChinaSat-18 (ZX-18) at 116° East (lost)

ChinaSat-18 satellite under construction
Long March 3B rocket launching ChinaSat-19