Satellite footprints

LAOSat-1 at 128.5 °E

Position:128.5° East
Launch operator:CGWIC
Launch vehicle:Long March 3B
Launch date:11/20/2015
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

LAOSat-1 satellite was constructed by CAST and is based on the DFH-4S platform. The satellite had a lift-off mass of 4,000kgs and was designed for a lifespan of 15 years. The satellite is equipped with 22 operational transponders (14 in C-band and 8 in Ku-band) on board, and is located in 128.5° East.

The C-band coverage of LaoSat-1 satellite consists of Lao PDR, Indo-China Peninsula and Republic of Indonesia, and Ku-band coverage consists of Lao PDR and Indo-China Peninsula.

The satellite was launched on a Long March 3B/E rocket operated by launch operator CGWIC from China.

LAOSat-1 at 128.5 °E

LaoSt-1 satellite under construction
LaoSat-1 on LM-3B:E rocket
LaoSat-1 launched on LM-3B:E rocket
Laosat-1 satellite in orbit

LAOSat-1 at 128.5 °E

LAOSat-1 satellite footprint C- & Ku-band Beam
LAOSat-1 satellite footprint C- & Ku-band Laos Beam