Belintersat is the operator of the Belintersat-1 spacecraft and is located in Minsk in the Republic of Belarus. The satellite provides a wide range of telecommunication services, including satellite TV and radio broadcasting and broadband internet access.

The creation of the National System of Satellite Communication and Broadcast of the Republic of Belarus is the largest project in the field of telecommunications, implemented by the Republic of Belarus. The project was and still is of high innovative, economic, social and political importance to Belarus. It’s considered of high innovative, economic, social and political importance, providing a full range of advanced satellite services in Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as to ensure global coverage in the Eastern Hemisphere.

For the commercial and government institutions in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the Belintersat project will be providing a number of services that will include: Internet, mobile satellite communications, solutions for mobile operators, corporate networks and live TV broadcasting.

Company History

The Republic of Belarus’ decision to launch its own communication satellite has been taken at the highest state level. The history of the project started with a closed tender won by the China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC). In Q3 of 2012 the conclusion of the contract with the CGWIC for the supply of the Belintersat-1 satellite. The Export-Import Bank of China was consequently resorted to for funds rising.

In 2013 China started with the construction of the satellite and the construction of the Ground Control Station in the Minsk Region territory.

The Belintersat-1 satellite was placed at the orbital position 51.5 ° East and will provide a full range of advanced satellite services in Europe, Africa and Asia, as well as ensure global coverage in the Eastern Hemisphere. The satellite was launched on a Long March 3B/E launcher by launch operator CGWIC on January 19th, 2016 from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center (People’s Republic of China). The satellite carries 20 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders and is based on the DFH-4 bus (China) manufactured of 100% certified flight-quality components. It is the 9th satellite on this platform, launched into the geostationary orbit. Thales Alenia Space was the supplier of the Belintersat-1 payloads.

Satellite operator NigComSat, Ltd, from Nigeria was responsible for the in-orbit test (IOT) and carrier spectrum monitoring (CSM) services for Belintersat-1 satellite. NigComSat will be able to provide more broadband services, enterprise solutions, secured communications, over Nigeria and other 35 African countries, including Ghana, Cameroon, Mali and others. Additional communication services will also be offered to the security agencies.

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