Satellite footprints

Palapa-C2 at 146° East

Position:146° East
Operator:Indosat Ooredoo
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Ariane 44LP
Launch date:05/15/1996
Expected lifetime:15 Years

In 2007 satellite operator PT Indosat, Tbk. (aka Indosat Ooredoo) from Indonesia, ordered Palapa-C2 satellite with Hughes Satellite Systems (Boeing Defense & Space). The satellite was built on Hughes’ HS-601 satellite bus and was designed for a 15-year lifespan. It was positioned in geostationary orbit at a longitude of 146° East, where it would replace the Palapa-C2 satellite.

Palapa-C2 satellite is the third generation of Palapa-satellites and carries 34 transponders to provide voice and vision communications to a large area bounded by Iran, Vlodivostok, Australia and New Zealand.

Palapa-C2 satellite was successfully launched on May 15th, 1996 on an Ariane 44L rocket booster operated by launch operator Arianespace from the Kourou Space Port in French Guyana.

Palapa-C2 at 146° East

Intelsat New Dawn prepared for transport
Ariane 44LP rocket launching Anik F1

Palapa-C2 at 146° East

PalapaSat-C2 Satellite Footprints