Satellite footprints

Express-AM33 at 96,5° East

Position:96,5° East
Manufacturer:ISS Reshetnev
Launch operator:ILS
Launch vehicle:Proton M/Breeze
Launch date:01/28/2008
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

Express-AM33 is a broadcasting and communications satellite located at 96,5°E and launched on 28 January, 2008 on a Proton M rocket operated by ILS launch operator from Baikonur Cosmodrome launch site. The satellite entered operation on 14 April, 2008. The Satellite was manufactured by NPO PM named after Academician M. Reshetnev ISS jointly with Thales Alenia Space under the order of Russian Satellite Communications Company within the bounds of the Russian Federal space plan for 2006-2015.

Express-AM33 satellite is designed to provide TV & radio broadcasting, telephony, data transmission, VSAT applications, multimedia services, presidential and governmental mobile communications, commercial mobile communication.

The Express-AM33 spacecraft is equipped with with up-to-date antenna systems, that provide high-quality communications and uniform coverage. Countries and areas covered by Express-AM33 Satellite – Russia, Kazakhstan, northукт areas of Middle-East, Mongolia and China

Express-AM33 at 96,5° East

Express AM satellite

Express-AM33 at 96,5° East

Coverage areas C-band Downlink Steerable Beam Express-АМ33 (96,5° E)
Coverage areas Ku-band Downlink Steerable Beam1 Express-АМ33 (96,5° E)
Coverage areas Ku-band Downlink Steerable Beam2 Express-АМ33 (96,5° E)