Andrew 9.3m Satellite Antenna installed for IABG in Germany

Andrew 9.3m Satellite Antenna installed for IABG in Germany

Skybrokers was awarded a contract to deliver and install an used and refurbished Andrew 9.3m Earth Station Antenna at the IABG Teleport in Ottobrun, near Munich in Germany. The antenna was delivered and succesfully commissioned in July 2020.

Our team refurbished the antenna prior to installation to included new motors/gearboxes, new limits and jackboots. Skybrokers installed a refurbished Andrew 9.3m antenna.

IABG Teleport is part of the IABG-Group of companies that offers integrated ground-breaking solutions in the Automotive, InfoCom, Mobility & Energy, Environment & Geodata services, Aeronautics, Space and Defense & Security sectors.

The company has a 20-year track record of providing stable and tailor-made satellite services. The Teleport in Ottobrunn near Munich has access to satellites with orbital positions ranging from 55° West to 75° East and is covering regions from Peru to the Philippines.

Andrew Corporation was the owner of Andrew Satellite Communications business and in 2001 formed into ASC Signal Corporation that was acquired by CPI in September 2015. ASC Signal was integrated into the CPI Antenna Systems Division as of 2017 when in 2020 the ASC Signal Antenna division was sold to Kratos Defense & Security. CPI had acquired GDSatcom Technologies in 2019, but the U.S. Justice Department required CPI to divest its ASC Signal Division since there would be a monopoly on the antenna business in the USA.

Skybrokers offers for over 10 years Andrew Satellite Earth Station Antennas, new as well as used. We can provide turnkey solutions, refurbishment and upgrades. We supported several clients with new and used antennas, such as the Andrew 3.7m, Andrew 4.5m and Andrew 4.6m, Andrew 5.6m, Andrew 7.3m, Andrew 7.6m and Andrew 9.3m.