Cisco Systems Inc. is one of the world’s leading American Technology companies

Cisco Systems Inc.

Cisco Systems Inc. is one of the world’s leading American Technology companies, headquartered in San Jose, California USA. Cisco is best known for its computer networking products that sold its products mostly to other businesses, the company did not become a household name, but in the second decade of the 21st century it was one of the largest corporations in the USA.

Cisco Systems, Inc. was founded in 1984 by married couple Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner, who had met while students at Stanford University. After graduating in 1981, they worked at the school, directing the computer facilities of two different departments. Bosack found a way to link their respective computer networks using technology that other Stanford employees had devised in the 1970’s. He and Lerner came to recognize that router technology, as it was called, could be adapted very profitably for large-scale use outside the university. In December 1984 the two founded Cisco Systems taking the company name from the city of San Francisco.

In 1985 the company sold its first product, a network interface card for Digital Equipment Corporation’s computers. Its first big success, a router that served multiple network protocols, came the following year. In need of cash for expansion, the founders turned to a venture capital firm, Sequoia Capital. Sequoia took effective control of the company in late 1987 and installed John Morgridge as president and CEO in 1988. He managed ably but did not get along with the founders. In 1990, soon after Cisco sold its first shares of stock to the public, Lerner was ousted from the company and Bosack subsequently quit.