Andrew APC100 Programmable Antenna Controller

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Andrew APC100 Programmable Antenna Controller

The APC100 Programmable Antenna Controller is a 40-position, programmable antenna controller used to remotely position the earth station antenna from one satellite location to another. The APC100 is a cost- and space- effective controller that enables antenna positioning to selected coordinates within .01° accuracy. Antenna positioning may be done manually or from previously entered coordinates.

The APC100 stores and retains 40 satellite names and positions in non-volatile memory and provides selected individual positioning of azimuth, elevation and polarization axes.
The APC100 occupies only one equipment rack unit and is equipped with selectable RS232 or RS422 ports.

Key Features

  • Remote Antenna Control
  • Manual Bi-directional Jogging of All Axes
  • Remote Computer Interface
  • Programmable Memory
  • Low Profile
  • Precision Positioning


Additional Features

  • Comprehensive Display. All selected satellite names and locations are displayed.
  • Automatic Antenna Positioning. Automatically positions antenna to pre-selected satellite coordinates.
  • Universal Power Supply. Auto-sense/select power supply enables worldwide operation.
  • Programmable Software Limits. Restricts antenna movement to designated range of travel.
  • Immediate Stop Key. Allows immediate access to terminate antenna movement.
  • Eighty Character Display. Backlit display provides optimum viewing of selected system information.
  • Motion Indicator. Alerts operator while antenna is in motion.
  • Worldwide Operation. Operational in both the northern and southern hemispheres.

This is an used and tested device. We provide 90-day warranty.

Andrew APC100 Programmable Antenna Controller

Andrew Antenna Controller APC100

Andrew APC100 Programmable Antenna Controller

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