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Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer/Tester MS8604A (9kHz-8.5GHz)

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Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer/Tester MS8604A (9kHz-8.5GHz)

The Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer/Tester MS8604A is a full-featured digital mobile transmitter tester for evaluating the major characteristics of transmitters used in the North-American Digital Cellular Systems (NADC), Japan’s digital mobile telephone (PDC: Personal Digital Cellular) system and by cordless telephones (PHS: Personal Handy Phone System). It covers frequencies from 100Hz to 8.5GHz, and measures spurious emissions over a broad frequency range. It can also measure RF signals directly up to 10W (average burst power) and base- band devices can be evaluated using its I/Q signal input function (option).

The Anritsu MS8604A is ideal for high-speed measurement of frequency deviation, spurious emissions, occupied bandwidth, antenna power, leakage power during carrier-off, transmission ramp-up and ramp- down power, modulation accuracy, leakage power of adjacent channel, and signal trans- mission rate of digital mobile transmitters.

In addition to measurements conforming to EIA/TIA, ETSI, RCR, and MKK standards, DSP (digital signal processing) and high- speed measurement function based on a unique measurement algorithm combine to greatly reduce the time required for manufacturing and inspecting transmitters.

PTA functions enabling free programming of test procedures are provided as a standard feature.


  • Major transmitter functions evaluated by single system.
  • Compatible with NADC/PDC/PHS systems (compatibility with single system provided as standard; optional expansion to all three systems).
  • High-speed measurement (under 1 second for modulation-accuracy measurements).
  • Input up to 10W (internal 20dB attenuator and power meter for high power levels).
  • Superior operability.
  • I/Q signal input (option).

This is a used device that will be tested prior to shipping and we provide a 90-day warranty. Please ask us for more details.
Skybrokers recently provided a MS8604A Spectrum Analyzer to a Teleport operator in Malaysia!

Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer/Tester MS8604A (9kHz-8.5GHz)

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