CPI Antenna Control System model 123T

Condition:New OEM
Manufacturer:CPI, Inc.

The Model 123T-1 Antenna Control System provides precision satellite tracking for mobile, transportable and flyaway antennas. The Antenna Control Unit (ACU) is the operator interface point for the system, featuring PC-104 based processing and operator-friendly function menus. The Power Drive Unit (PDU) provides all motor and antenna connections.

Internal Tracking Receiver Options

The Model 250 receiver is available with L-Band or 70 MHz input. L-Band frequency range is 950-2,150 MHz and the tracking C/NO is 40 dB-Hz.

Tracking Accuracy – Optrack

Optrack provides high performance tracking of stable or inclined orbit satellites with an adaptive self-learning ephemeris modeling mode. The Control System accuracy (excluding non-repeatable mechanical errors) is normally better than 5% RMS (0.03 dB) of the receive beamwidth in winds of 30mph gusting to 45mph, satellite inclination of up to 15°, and signal scintillation of up to 2 dB.

Pointing Accuracy

Normally better than 0.07° RMS (0.05° optional) in winds of 30mph gusting to 45mph. This includes all drive train errors, but excludes structural errors between the transducers and RF beam.


  • Optrack, Steptrack & pointing modes
  • LCD-Display with full alphanumeric readouts
  • Simplified operation
  • GPS, Flux Gate compass, inclinometer interface
  • L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka-band operation including multi-mode
  • Supports multiple antennas


  • Simplified transportable satellite tracking


  • Operator interface point for the system

CPI Antenna Control System model 123T

CPI Antenna Controller model 123T
CPI Antenna Control System model 123T

CPI Antenna Control System model 123T

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