Viasat 3.7m Ka-band Antenna for LEO Satellite constellations

Condition:New OEM
Manufacturer:Viasat, Inc.

The Viasat 3.7m Ka-band Antenna for LEO Satellite constellations is ideally suited for high performance NGSO orbit Ka-band applications. With decades of experience going into the design, its performance, reliability and maintainability are unmatched.

The antenna is designed for the latest high-capacity Ka-band LEO satellites, the 3.7m antenna system delivers high-speed broadband connectivity for residential, commercial and government services.

The shaped antenna and sub-reflector with precision reflector surfaces provide superior gain and sidelobe performance at Ka-band frequencies. The antenna panels provide a rigid structure that maintains its shape in extreme thermal environments, including deice operation.

The Viasat 3.7m Ka-band Antenna design includes mounting provisions for LNA’s, LNB’s, and BUC’s of up to 500W.

The rugged mount delivers pointing accuracy in adverse wind conditions. All axes utilize robust slewing drives for years of reliable service in severe environments. Optical encoders provide precision position feedback.

Viasat’s proven antenna control system offers DC servo performance with adaptive step tracking for unparalleled tracking performance. For quick access and service, the control system is conveniently located on the pedestal.

Viasat’s Antenna Control System features auto alignment capabilities which greatly simplify installation. Initial antenna pointing alignment errors are automatically detected and corrected by the system.


  • Antenna patterns compliant with FCC, ITU, ANATEL and Eutelsat regulations
  • High efficiency ring focus optics
  • Aluminum reflector construction
  • 4-port circularly and linearly polarized feeds available
  • Precision structural steel mount
  • Easily accessible counterweight arm frame for electronics packages
  • Damage resistant feed window



  • Electric de-icing
  • HPA/LNA/converter mounting
  • Alternate frequency bands
  • Installation and maintenance services

Please check the datasheet for more technical specifications.

Skybrokers can provide a turn-key solution including installation and testing. Please contact us for more details!

Viasat 3.7m Ka-band Antenna for LEO Satellite constellations

Datasheet Viasat 3.7m Ka-band Broadband LEO Antenna

Viasat 3.7m Ka-band Antenna for LEO Satellite constellations

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