Skybrokers de-installed the former DMC/TVT teleport in Helmond in the south of The Netherlands

DMC/TVT Teleport dismantling in The Netherlands

In 2020 Skybrokers decommissioned and de-installed DMC’s second Teleport in The Netherlands. Four large and seven smaller antennas were removed from the site in Helmond in the south of Holland over the course of six months.

The VertexRSI 9.3m antenna was relocated to Germany for an urgent project, a VertexRSI 7.2m and an Andrew 5.6m were taken down and transported back to our facility in Central Europe and found a new home after Earth Station Antenna refurbishment. In September 2020 we relocated an Andrew 7.6m antenna to a new client in Germany.
After the DMC/TVT Teleport dismantling, the site was cleaned and metal parts (cable trays, stands and VSAT mounts) were left over for metal recycling companies. The equipment shelters were sold to other companies.

Challenging project in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic that we could execute with our Dutch team meeting the Health & Safety regulations.



This de-installation project was well organized and planned in detail. My team was amazed with the smooth operation. You guys took away a lot of stress for us. Thank you!

Peter van Velzen
Supervisory Engineer, DMC/TVT Media, The Netherlands