Skybrokers installed a refurbished VertexRSI 7.2m antenna in Qaanaaq, the Northernmost town in Greenland

VertexRSI 7.2m antenna installation in Qaanaaq Greenland

This was the most challenging project ever done! An used and refurbished VertexRSI 7.2m antenna was installed and prepared with extra de-icing elements for installation in harsh weather conditions in this Arctic environment. The city of Qaanaaq and surrounding settlements will have a better internet connection using this antenna that will be pointed at the Amazonas Nexus satellite at 61° West, operated by Hispasat satellite operator.

Skybrokers team installed, aligned and tested the antenna successfully in August and September 2021 for Tele Post Greenland, that recently changed its name into Tusass. The installation was finished just before winter arrived! We did it ‘the Greenland way’, using the resources that were locally available.

Please check out the amazing pictures that we made during the installation in Qaanaaq as well as the surrounding areas, the Ice Sheet and the Northernmost settlement Siorapaluk with the Verhoeff Glacier in Robertson Bay!


Tele Post requested Skybrokers to deliver and install a refurbished 7.2m antenna in Qaanaaq, northern Greenland. The antenna had been modified to cope with arctic environment. We are pleased with the results. Skybrokers crew is very experienced with satellite antennas, both in theory and hands on. The craftsmanship delivered seems to be good quality as expected.  The harsh arctic winter storms will test the work in real life. However, we have left the site with confidence that the antenna will sustain the elements.

Jørn Jespersen
Head of Satellite Program, Tele Post Greenland