Satellite footprints

AMOS 4 at 4° West

Position:4° West
Manufacturer:Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Launch operator:Sea Launch
Launch vehicle:Zenit 3SLB
Launch date:08/31/2013
Expected lifetime:12 Years

Spacecom, ordered in 2007 the AMOS-4, satellite with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). IAI constructed the satellite for approximately 365 million USD.

AMOS 4 carries a large number of transponders in high power Ka- and Ku-bands. AMOS-4, located around the 64º E to 76º E orbital slot, broadens the range of markets Spacecom can reach and the number of potential clients the company can serve. When AMOS-4 comes online, Spacecom will reach close to 80% of the world’s population.

AMOS-4 has available eight Ku-band transponders of 108MHz and four high power Ka-band transponders of 218MHz with steerable beams. The satellite’s weight at launch was approximately 3.4 tons and has a 12 year life span.

AMOS-4 was originally considered for Spacecom’s unassigned launch contract on SpaceX’ Falcon-9 rocket, but the satellite was later assigned to the Sea Launch company’s Land Launch division, on a Zenit-3SLB rocket and was finally launched on augustus 31st, 2013.

AMOS 4 at 4° West

Amos 4credit: Thales Alenia Space
AMOS-4 on Zenit 3SLB rocket

AMOS 4 at 4° West

AMOS-4 China Ka-band Beam
AMOS-4 Russia Ku-band Beam
AMOS-4 South-East Asia Ku-band Beam