Satellite footprints

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a at 46° East

Position:46° East
Manufacturer:Orbital ATK
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Ariane 5ECA
Launch date:02/08/2013
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a,  provides radio and tv-broadcast services, encrypted communication and high-speed data transmission. The satellite was built by Orbital Sciences Corp. (Orbital ATK – Northrop Grumman) and was orbited by launch operator Arianespace in a dual launch on a Ariane 5 rocket from French Guiana on February 7th 2013. Co-passenger was Amazonas-3 spacecraft operated by Spanish satellite operator Hispasat.

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a is equipped with 36 transponders, 24 in C-band and 12 in Ku-band and covers Europe and a significant part of Asia and Africa.

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1A is a joint venture between Azerbaijan and satellite fleet operator MEASAT Satellite Systems of Malaysia, which owns the rights to the orbital slot at 46° East longitude and which will be using about 40% of the satellite’s total capacity. Azerspace uses 20%, with the remaining capacity to be available for other customers.

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a at 46° East

Arianespace Ariane V rocket
Azerspace-1 satellite launch

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a at 46° East

Azerspace-1 Africa & Europe C-band Beam
Azerspace-1 Central Asia & Europe C-band Beam
Azerspace-1 Central Asia Ku-band Beam
Azerspace-1 Europe Ku-band Beam