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BADR-8 (ArabSat-7B) at 26° East

Position:26° East
Manufacturer:Airbus Defense & Space
Launch date:05/24/2023
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

BADR-8 (ArabSat-7B) at 26° East is operated by satellite operator Arabsat from Saudi Arabia. The satellite was ordered in 2020 with Airbus Defense & Space and is based on  their new generation communications satellite. Arabsat will spend 300 million USD on the manufacture, launch, insurance and ground infrastructure for the spacecraft. The satellite is scheduled for launch in 2023 and its electric propulsion system will enable it to reach geostationary orbit in four to five months, depending on the type of launcher used. It has been designed to remain in service in orbit for more than 15 years.

BADR-8 will replace and increase Arabsat’s capacity and augment its core business at the BADR hotspot 26° East.

The BADR-8 satellite will be based on the-state-of-the-art Airbus Eurostar Neo electric orbit raising platform giving access to a wide range of launchers. BADR-8 will also include the innovative Airbus developed TELEO optical communications payload demonstrator. This payload will enable very high-capacity analogue optical feeder link communications, as part of the development by Airbus of a new generation of optical communications technology in space to be integrated in its future commercial products, which is highly robust against jamming.

BADR-8 (ArabSat-7B) at 26° East was launched on May 24th, 2023 on a Falcon 9 rocket operated by SpaceX,

BADR-8 (ArabSat-7B) at 26° East

ArabSat-8 satellite in orbit
Airbus assembled Badr-8 satellite for ArabSat
ArabSat Badr-8 being loaded in the Antonov freighter
ArabSat Badr-8 ready for launch on a Falcon 9 rocket

BADR-8 (ArabSat-7B) at 26° East

SpaceX Arabsat Badr-8 Press Kit