Satellite footprints

Eutelsat 117 West A (SatMex 8) at 117° West

Position:117° West
Manufacturer:Space Systems/Loral (SS/L)
Launch operator:ILS
Launch vehicle:Proton M/Breeze
Launch date:03/26/2013
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

Located at 116.8° West, Eutelsat 117 West A provides hemi coverage in both C- and Ku-band, as well as high-power regional coverage in Ku-band over North and South America.

The satellite caters to over 5,000 DTH antennas receiving channels in Ku-band as well as 14,000 antennas installed in C-band for government connectivity projects.

In addition, Eutelsat 117 West A provides exceptional levels of throughput in North America and the Andean region, yielding more Mbps per MHz and offers excellent performance for social connectivity projects, cellular backhaul and VSAT networks, among others.

Eutelsat 117 West A was originally ordered with Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) by Satelites Mexicanos S.A.B. de C.V. (SatMex). The new Satmex 8 satellite would provide Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) to the Americas and would replace SatMex 5 satellite.SatMex was acquired be Eutelsat in 2014 and was rebranded Eutelsat Americas. In May 2014, the satellite was renamed Eutelsat 117 West A.

The satellite was launched on March 26th, 2013 on an Proton M rocket operated by launch operator ILS.

Eutelsat 117 West A (SatMex 8) at 117° West

SatMex 8 under construction at SSL
SatMex 8 encapsulated
SatMex 8 on Proton rocket to launch pad
Proton M rocket launching Eutelsat 7B

Eutelsat 117 West A (SatMex 8) at 117° West

EUTELSAT E117WA footprintILS Launchkit Eutelsat Satmex-8

Eutelsat 117 West A (SatMex 8) at 117° West

E117WA C-band Downlink Coverage
E117WA Ku-band1 Downlink Coverage
E117WA Ku-band2 Downlink Coverage
E117WA Ku-band3 Downlink Coverage