Satellite footprints

Intelsat-23 (IS-23) at 53° West

Position:53° West
Manufacturer:Orbital ATK
Launch operator:ILS
Launch vehicle:Proton M/Breeze
Launch date:10/14/2012
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

In 2009 satellite operator Intelsat ordered the Intelsat-23 satellite with Orbital Sciences, Inc. (Orbital ATK – Northrop Grumman). The satellite will be based on Orbital’s flight-proven Star-2 platform.

The IS-23 satellite will generate 4.8kW of payload power and carries 15 active Ku-band and 24 active C-band transponders. The satellite will be located in orbit at 53° West longitude following its launch in late 2011. The spacecraft will provide communications services for the Americas, Europe and Africa. The IS-23 satellite is expected to have a useful life of at least 15 years.

Intelsat-23 satellite was successfully launched on October 14th, 2012 on a Proton M rocket booster operated by launch operator ILS from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazachstan.

Intelsat-23 (IS-23) at 53° West

Intelsat-23 satellite under construction
Proton M launching Viasat-1

Intelsat-23 (IS-23) at 53° West

Intelsat IS-23 Africa beam
Intelsat IS-23 Global beam
Intelsat IS-23 Latin America beam
Intelsat IS-23 South America beam
Intelsat IS-23 Americas beam