VertexRSI 7134 Antenna Control System and 7150 Drive Cabinet for fixed antennas (USED)

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VertexRSI 7134 Antenna Control System and 7150 Drive Cabinet for fixed antennas (USED)

: VertexRSI (GD Satcom)
Part number: 7134/7150

The VertexRSI (GDSatcom) 7134 Antenna Control System is a microprocessor-based system incorporating digital technology for accurate  antenna positioning with high reliability, maximum flexibility, and a straightforward and practical user interface. This control system is ideally suited for small and medium aperture antenna applications requiring capabilities for automatic multiple satellite access, program track, remote control via an RS-232 or RS-422 communications link, and optionally Adaptive Step Track, Enhanced Memory Track and Intelsat 11-Element (IESS412) operation.

The standard product provides 2-speed axis control for AZ and EL with a high/low speed ratio of up to 15:1. This is  accomplished by application of user-settable highand low-speed control signals to variable speed AC drives, which in turn control standard 3-phase induction motors. For 3-axis systems, circuitry is provided for the control of an AC synchronous
stepping polarization motor. The AZ and EL motor controllers employ integral electronic protection. The drive cabinet (model 7150) includes NEMA-rated circuit protection devices for each motor/motor controller, which are sized appropriately for each application.


7134 ACU Key Features:

• Real-time position readout and fault message reporting
• Multiple control modes
• Step Track control mode
• Memory Track control mode
• Intelsat (IESS412) control mode
• Practical, user friendly edit mode
• Encoding system display resolution of 0.01°
• Battery-backed non-volatile RAM
• Internal self-diagnostics
• Remote control and data entry via RS-232 or RS-422 serial communication ports. 

We can offer with all of our used ESA antennas a full used / refurbished motorization package including the 7134 ACU, an outdoor 7150 Drive Cabinet, new size-11 resolver kits and cabling. We do have access to Vertex beacon/tracking receivers or SSC tracking receiver depending on what is available at that moment. Please ask us for more details!

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
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