Tandberg TT1260 MPEG2 DVB 4:2:2 Professional Integrated Receiver Decoder (USED)

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Tandberg TT1260 MPEG2 DVB 4:2:2 Professional Integrated Receiver Decoder (USED)

Brand: Tandberg (Ericsson)
Part number: TT1260

The Tandberg TT1260 MPEG2/DVB Professional Integrated Receiver Decoder is designed to decode MPEG-2 SD 4:2:2 video and present it for onward use at the highest possible quality. Matching the high quality video capabilities, the TT1260 similarly supports all major professional audio standards. This highly flexible unit offers a vast array of input interface options allowing the receiver to connect to almost every type of satellite, terrestrial, or telco network.

Contribution and distribution of video services requires decoding capability of premiere quality. The wide variety of scenarios in which such receivers are used require that the receiver must be extremely flexible in operation, and incorporate a large and sophisticated array of features. The TANDBERG Television TT1260 is a professional grade integrated receiver decoder, leading the field with a level of quality and large feature range that make the unit the perfect choice for contribution, distribution and mobile applications.

Base Unit features

TT1260 – Common Interface (TT1260/CIBAS)
The Common Interface (CI) version can accept one CA module (CAM) enabling the user to select the desired CA system and have the flexibility to change the CA system at a later stage.

TT1260 – Common Interface, 48VDc (TT1260/CIBAS/48V)
Base unit as the TT1260/CIBAS but with 48Vdc power supply for telco installations.

TT1260 - Director (TT1260/DIRBAS)
The TANDBERG Director version of the TT1260 enables a secure transmission of valuable content with the added benefit of over-air control reducing the need for local operators.

Key features

• Dual SDI output with embedded de-compressed audio and VBI
• Dual analog (PAL/NTSC) BNC outputs
• Dual ASI transport stream outputs
• Frame synchronization input
• Remote control via SNMP or web page
• Single alarm relay
• Descrambling of MPEG-4 AVC via a CAM
• CAM menu browsing via web browser
• RAS and BISS option enabled

We have two units available!

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual

  • Current status: available from stock EXW Germany or France
  • Condition: USED and tested with 30-day warranty
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