Newtec NTC/2280 DVB-S2 Broadcast Modulator

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Newtec NTC/2280 Broadcast Modulator

The Newtec NTC/2280 Broadcast Modulator is fully compliant to the second standard for Digital Video Broadcasting over Satellite (DVB-S2, EN 302307). The Newtec satellite modulator is one of the first modulators to offer the advantages of DVB-S2:

  • Much better spectral efficiency than DVB-S thanks to the use of new advanced high-level coding techniques: BCH replaces Reed Solomon and LDPC replaces Viterbi
  • New modulation schemes: 16 APSK & 32 APSK
  • More roll-off factors (20, 25 & 35 %).

Implementing all these new techniques, DVB-S2 results in a bandwidth saving of up to 30 % in CCM-mode (or 2,5 dB gain margin) and up to 65% in VCM mode compared to DVB-S. The NTC/2280/xF is also capable of working in DVB-S and DVB- DSNG-mode.

Like its predecessor, the NTC/2180 DVB-S modulator, the NTC/2280/xF is a member of the field-proven modular Azimuth series and is designed to packetize, encode and modulate one or more digital signals such as IP traffic or MPEG transport streams. At the output, the signal is converted to an L- band signal (950-1750 MHz). The integration of an RF converter is optional.

The NTC/2280/xF has been designed for the broadcasting, contribution or distribution of digital television signals as well as the transmission of high-speed TELCO-data in backbone infrastructures and data content distribution networks.

The NTC/2280/xF has two physical input interface positions that can be fitted with a range of interface modules: A DVB (ASI, SPI, LVDS) and a TELCO (HSSI/G703) interface module provide a standard data input to the modulator. An IP GbE interface module is also available, this module has an RJ-45 input and 2 ASI inputs/outputs. In combination with the GbE module (NTC/7015/xx) VCM/ACM applications become reality.

The DVB-S2 modulator NTC/2280/xF handles symbol rates from 0.05 up to 68 Mbaud, using a QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK or 32 APSK modulation scheme. The roll-off factor is selectable between 0.2, 0.25 or 0.35 in both DVB-S and DVB-S2 mode.

The NTC/2280/xF is standard equipped with an L-band output. An L- band monitoring output is provided for connection of e.g. an IRD or spectrum analyzer. A programmable digital equalizer is provided to compensate for external amplitude slopes.

The optional Equalink concept provides for pre-compensation of linear and non-linear (DBV-S2 mode only) link distortions resulting in optimization of transponder data throughput.

All Control and Monitoring parameters are available locally on the front panel (lcd-display & keyboard) and remotely through a web interface (Http) or through the RS-485/232 port or through the 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port. The last two use the RMCPv2 protocol. There is optionally an SNMP + MIB agent.

Key features

  • DVB-S2 compliant (EN 302307)
  • DVB-DSNG, DVB-S compliant (EN 301210), (EN 300421)
  • Two optional DVB, TELCO-input interface
  • CCM (Constant Coding and Modulation)
  • VCM/ACM (Variable Coding and Modulation / Adaptive Coding and
  • Modulation) mode requires the GbE interface card
  • Insertion of MPEG Transport Stream framing
  • 50 kbit/s up to 216 Mbit/s interface rate (FEC- & interface dependent)
  • QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK and 32APSK for optimal bandwidth efficiency in DVB-S2 mode
  • Automatic (redundancy switching) or manual ASI-data input switching
  • Ovenized 10.0 MHz reference frequency (option)
  • External 10.0 MHz reference input/output (option)
  • L-band monitoring output (fixed frequency)
  • Programmable external LO frequency
  • Level indication offset
  • Programmable amplitude slope equalizer
  • The Equalink option for compensation of linear amplitude and group-delay distortions (in all DVB-S/DSNG/S2 modes) and non-linear distortions (DVB-S2 mode only) over the satellite link.
  • Local & remote M&C-access to all menus through a
    – Web-interface (Http protocol)
    – RS-485/RS-232 (RMCPv2 protocol)
    – 10/100Base-T Ethernet port (RMCPv2 + SNMP/MIB)
  • User-programmable menu structure
  • Real-time clock for alarm occurrence logging
  • Internal test-generator and detector (PRBS counter)
  • Very compact: 1Ru (height: 4.4 cm !)
  • highly reliable Newtec design
  • CE label
  • Dynamic build-up of alarm menu
  • Diagnostics generator
  • Action Keys (group of commands under single button)
  • The NTC/2280/xF can also be ordered to operate in DVB-S mode only as replacement of the NTC/2180/xF.



  • Contribution
  • Primary distribution
  • Direct-to-home
  • DSNG combined with IP-services
  • Data broadcast
  • Distance learning, Business TV
  • Production testing

This is an used device and will be tested prior to shipping. We provide a 90-day warranty. Skybrokers delivered various NTC/2280 DVB-S2 Modulators to Broadcasters in Middle-East, Europe and USA and to Teleport Operators for the integration with their Earth Station antennas.

Newtec NTC/2280 DVB-S2 Broadcast Modulator

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