Harmonic MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC DSNG Encoder Ellipse 2000 (NEW)

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Harmonic MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC DSNG Encoder Ellipse 2000 (NEW)

Brand: Harmonic
Part number: Ellipse 2000

The Harmonic Ellipse 2000 Compact DSNG Encoder is a fully integrated MPEG-2 Standard Definition 4:2:2/4:2:0 and MPEG-4 AVC Standard Definition and High Definition 4:2:0 Encoder/Modulator in a 1RU base unit. The Harmonic Ellipse 2000 Encoder is designed for digital satellite contribution applications and features a professional broadcast quality encoder and built-in DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-DSNG modulator with L-band and If outputs.

The rugged and easy-to-use Ellipse 2000 is a perfect fit for Teleports, Satelllite Newsgathering (SNG) vehicles and Fly-Away packages operating on either the C, Ku or Ka-bands.

See more specifications and benefits in the datasheet.

Skybrokers can provide Harmonic encoders and modulators. Please send us your inquiry and we will provide you with more details!

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productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual

  • Current status: 2-3 weeks delivery time
  • Condition: NEW with OEM warranty
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