Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Redundant Control Panel for Dual 1:1 Systems Model RCPD-1100LX (NEW OEM)

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Teledyne Paradise Datacom, Redundant Control Panel for Dual 1:1 Systems Model RCPD-1100LX (NEW OEM)

Brand: Teledyne Paradise Datacom (Teledyne Technologies)
Part number: RCPD-1100LX

Teledyne Paradise Datacom Redundant Control Panel for Dual 1:1 Systems (RCPD-1100-LX) provides control of an entire VSAT Transceiver system. Available in two models, the RCPD-1100-L1 model is used in single L-band source systems; the RCPD-1100-L2 model is used in dual L-band source systems. Its combination of switch drive output and LNB bias, along with its capacity for external alarm inputs, enable the RCPD-1100 to be enabled in a variety of system configurations. To achieve this functionality, the RCPD-1100 can control two waveguide switches for the outdoor portion of the system, and optionally two coaxial switches at the system input. Control of the RCPD-1100 can be handled through front panel operation, or  remotely through a parallel or serial connection to a computer.

Two separate power supplies are provided for fully redundant operation. Either of the two supplies is capable of operating the system and its associated switches. If fault alarms are detected in the on-line transceiver system, the RCPD-1100 can be programmed to provide immediate switchover to the stand-by transceiver.


• Front panel or remote operation.
• Redundant power supplies.
• A wide range of I/O connections from the rear panel.
• User-programmable fault resolution.
• 2 line by 40 character Liquid Crystal Display
• Easy-to-navigate firmware menu structure
• 2 RU high
• Optional Ethernet Port

At a glance

The front panel displays which unit in a redundant system is online, and allows monitoring of the following fault states:

• Unit 1
• Unit 2
• Power Supply
• Auto / Manual Switch Mode
• Local / Remote Control

History of Teledyne Technologies & Paradise Datacom

Paradise datacom was owned by Intelek, a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic systems for satellite and microwave communications. In July 2010 Teledyne Technologies, Inc. acquired Intelek, Plc. Intelek consisted of various divisions that were integrated into the Teledyne organization. The Intelek's Paradise Datacom division became Teledyne Paradise Datacom.

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