1000 new reflector bolts to be installed in a refurbished Andrew 7.6m antenna.

1000 new reflector bolts to be installed in a  refurbished Andrew 7.6m Earth Station Antenna


Earth Station Antenna Refurbishment

Earth Station Antenna Refurbishment protects your investment by keeping the fundamental antenna structure viable for up to 25 years or more while increasing system performance. When your antenna system reaches its end-of-life (EOL) cycle, one important decision must be made; to refurbish or install a new antenna. Our refurbishment program enables you to extend the life of your capital assets while improving system performance and significantly reducing your operation and maintenance expenses.

Improved system performance results into less downtime, more throughputs and ultimately more revenue.

Skybrokers’ technicians will inspect and provide a site-survey report prior to perform the refurbishment of an existing antenna on site.

Refurbishment of an existing Earth Station Antenna

Skybrokers delivers, installs and maintains new and used earth station antennas worldwide. We are working with professional antenna installers that have a can-do mentality and high flexible attitude. We have performed many installations, relocations and maintenance programs worldwide. We do have knowledge of almost all Earth Station Antenna systems from 3m to 16m.


Refurbishment and delivery of an used ESA

Skybrokers’ focus is on used Earth Station Antenna systems. These antennas come out of a working environment and will undergo a complete refurbishment program prior to shipping and re-installation. Our technicians are checking each part and replace it when required. This is done at one of our facilities in Europe or USA.

Our refurbishment program consists of the following activities:

Pressure washing

Reflector sanding & coating

(We are using non-ironized and non-reflective coatings).

Greasing and lubrication

(We are using the Mobile SHC-600 series Gearbox oil and LELubricants grease or equivalent).

Parts replacements