Comtech EFData Redundant Switch CRS-300.

Comtech EFData Redundant Switch CRS-300

The Comtech EFData Redundant Switch CRS-300 is installed in a 19inch equipment rack and automatically switches between two CEFD Satellite modems.

Comtech EFData Corp. (CEFD) is a leading supplier of communications equipment with a focus on satellite bandwidth efficiency and link optimization. Their high-performance satellite communications ground equipment is deployed globally to support mission-critical and demanding applications for government, mobile backhaul, premium enterprise and mobility. CEFD owns RF supplier Xicom Technologies and acquired satellite modem manufacturer Radyne, Corp. and UHP Networks. Recently CEFD announced the acquisition of Gilat Networks from Israel for 575 million USD but the MAE (Material Adverse Effect) reduced Gilats value due to the COVID-19 events. The acquisition was terminated in October 2020.

Comtech is subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunication, Inc. company, that is focussed on two business segments, Commercial Solutions and Government Solutions. CEFD is organized under the Commercial Solutions Division. Comtech’s Mission-Critical Technologies is organized under the Government Solutions Division.

Skybrokers provides new and used and tested Comtech EFData equipment like Redundant LNA & HPA systems, stand alone HPA’s, satellite modems (CDM-series), Frequency converters, X/Y Tracking Antennas etc.


Comtech was founded in Smithtown, New York, in 1967 as Comtech Laboratories, Inc. by Jack C. Greene, who also served as the company’s CEO. The company started out by designing and manufacturing satellite communications receiving equipment and related subsystems for commercial purposes. In March 1972 Comtech was taken public at 5 USD a share. Sales topped 10 million USD in 1974 and reached 16.5 million USD in 1975.

Greene stepped down as CEO in 1976, replaced Fred V. Kornberg. Born in Poland, Kornberg earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at New York University in 1958 and a year later received a master’s degree from the same school. He worked as a staff engineer at Radio Engineering Laboratories until 1962, and then became director of research, a position he held until 1969, when he became general manager at Nardcom Group. Kornberg joined Comtech in 1971 as an executive vice-president and general manager of the telecommunications transmission unit. Under Kornberg, Comtech expanded beyond satellite communications to become involved in the microwave transmission field through the 1977 acquisition of R.F. Systems, Inc.