LP Technologies LPT3000Rx4 1RU rackmount Spectrum Analyzer installed

LP Technologies LPT3000Rx4 1RU rackmount Spectrum Analyzer installed

LPT-3000Rx-Series is the 4th generation of powerful remote spectrum analyzers backed by LP Technologies’ 20 years of experience in the signal monitoring business. The wide frequency range covers IF’s 70 MHz, satellite’s L Band and spans from 9 kHz up to 3 GHz. The multi-application LPT-3000RX4 is optimized for uses in the Teleports, Wireless, Military and Oil & Gas industries.

LP Technologies, Inc.

LP Technologies, Inc. is an American company specializing in advanced rack-mounted multi-port spectrum analyzers tailored for efficient monitoring purposes.

Since its inception, LP Technologies has stood at the forefront of pioneering and innovation in engineering and developing hardware and software solutions for multi-port remote-controlled spectrum analyzers, particularly designed for satellite detection and interference monitoring. For more than two decades, industries spanning radio, television, wireless services, manufacturing, military, and satellite communications have placed their trust in LP Technologies.

Not too long ago, a spectrum analyzer was considered the most invaluable asset for RF and satellite engineers. These analyzers were large, intricate, and carried a hefty price tag, making them accessible to only a select few companies and engineers. In 1997, LP Technologies revolutionized the landscape with the introduction of the LPT-1750 – a compact, cost-effective, and remote-enabled spectrum analyzer that democratized access and availability. Building upon this foundation, the company has continued their trajectory of innovation by unveiling models featuring multiple ports, rack-mounting options, and cutting-edge software solutions.

For over two decades, LP Technologies has maintained a prominent position as a frontrunner in the realm of spectrum analyzers and spectrum monitoring. LPT pioneered the concept of remote-controlled, rack-mounted spectrum analyzers, introducing the precursor to Ethernet-controlled analyzers years ahead of the industry curve. The company spearheaded the integration of multi-port switches within analyzers, a feat achieved by only a handful of companies, and uniquely offer comprehensive hardware and software solutions.

In the present day, their leadership in the spectrum monitoring sector persists through our unwavering commitment to advancing and redefining spectrum analyzers. Our ability to keep spectrum monitoring affordable is driven by our constant innovation, rooted in customer feedback and recommendations.