RSI 16.4m Earth Station Antenna de-installed at WIT Teleport in Washington DC in USA.

RSI 16.4m Earth Station Antenna de-installed at WIT Teleport in Washington DC in USA


In conjunction with our US partner we de-installed 10+ Earth Station Antennas at the Washington International Teleport (WIT) in Washington DC, USA. Andrew 5.6m, Andrew 7.6m as well as Vertex 9.0m, Vertex 16.4m and a Vertex 18.3m, a RSI 9.2m and 16.4m and a Scientific Atlanta (Viasat) 7.0m antenna were dismantled in the course of 8-10 weeks. Several antennas were sold quickly after local refurbishment, other were transported back to our US facility for further refurbishment. Big project with lots of credits to our US team!


Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) was founded in 1960 and based in Sterling, VA, USA. The Company designed, manufactured and installed high quality antenna systems and parts for radar, air traffic control, military and satellite communications systems. Its products were also used in tactical military communications, scientific research, TV broadcasting and civilian wireless mobile communications.

In 1994 RSI was owned by COMSAT, Inc. and later on by Tripoint Global that merged RSI with Vertex to become VertexRSI in 1999. In 2004 General Dynamics acquired Tripoint Global and merged VertexRSI into its organization to become GDSatcom Technologies. In 2019 GD Satcom was acquired by CPI, Inc.

The company was famous for its AccuShape (RSI metal continuing process proprietary) formed antenna reflector panels that featured superior RF performance. The antennas were easy to install and field aligning.

In 1988 Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) purchased the assets of the satellite communications division of Stolle Corp, a subsidiary of Aluminum Co. of America (ALCOA). Included in the sale were various tools, forming dies, fixtures, test instrumentation, sales data and inventory related to the firm’s antenna products, that were sold in Europe under the name of ALCOA Antennas.

In August 1991, Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) acquired antenna maker CSA, Ltd. and PG Technology Ltd, engaged in the design, development, and production of precision tools and gauges, machine tools, and optical instruments. Both companies, located in the UK, were placed under the Satcom Technologies Division or RSI.

The company completed a large contract that had helped drive growth, the installation of 9,600 antenna systems at American schools to beam television programming into classrooms. This was a part of a project led by Whittle Communications, which was one of America’s top 100 media companies in the late 1980’s.