Andrew 9.3m C-band Earth Station antenna 4-port RxTx with Motorized Tripod Mount

Condition:Used and refurbished
Manufacturer:Andrew Corp.

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Andrew 9.3m Satellite Antenna, C-band, 4-port RxTx with Motorized Tripod Mount

The Andrew 9.3m Earth Station Antenna is in use around the world in high-density data, voice, communications networks and broadcast applications. The antenna features a computer-optimized formed dual reflector Gregorian system coupled with independently adjustable reflector panels and trusses and close tolerance manufacturing techniques. This combination provides extremely accurate surface contour, exceptionally high gain, superior efficiency and closely controlled pattern characteristics. Additionally, the EL-over AZ Tripod Mount enables horizon-to-horizon coverage from any worldwide location. The antenna includes a Dual Reflector Gregorian with 20-piece precision formed aluminum panels with heat diffusive white paint, a 4-port Linear feed, and a Motorized Tripod Mount. The Hub enclosure (Antenna Hub or Drum) measures 231cm (84inch), 117cm (46inch) depth, that is ideal for HPA and LNA systems installation.

Andrew’s wide selection of type-approved antennas speeds system commissioning. The Andrew 9.3m is a Type Approved Earth Station Antenna and can be deployed in the field with minimal testing of G/T to become fully certified as an INTELSAT standard B, D-2, F-1, F-2, F-3, G station.


  • High Gain, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
  • Advanced Gregorian Optics
  • Horizon-to-Horizon Coverage with Elevation-over-Azimuth Mount
  • Rugged Aluminum and Steal, 125mph (200km/h) Wind Survival


Type Approvals and Compliances

  • INTELSAT D-1, F-1, F-2, F-3 G (IA032A00 & IA032B00)
  • ITU-R, S.580-4 & S.465-5
  • S. FCC regulation 25.209 at C-Band
  • Approved for use in the territory of Russia by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation (Reference: Homologation Certificate No OC/I-A -o-1)

System can be packed and stowed in a 40ft Sea-Container or prepared for road transportation.

System will be completely reconditioned and refinished to look and perform like new. We complete the antenna with new motors/reducers, new reflector hardware kits and a documentation package and foundation plans are provided. System is guaranteed to OEM specifications when properly installed by one of our professional installation teams.

This antenna was sold in 2020 and was installed for IABG in Germany. We are happy to offer you alternatives.

Andrew 9.3m C-band Earth Station antenna 4-port RxTx with Motorized Tripod Mount

Andrew 9.3m Antenna assembled
Andrew 9.3m Antenna assembled
Andrew 9.3m Antenna reflector assembled
Andrew 9.3m Antenna ready for operation

Andrew 9.3m C-band Earth Station antenna 4-port RxTx with Motorized Tripod Mount

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