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Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C (9kHz-8.1GHz)

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Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C (9kHz-8.1GHz)

The Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C (9kHz-8.1GHz) is ideal for signal analysis of radio and other equipment related to improving frequency usage efficiency, higher modulation and digitalization. This is a synthesized spectrum analyzer covering a wide frequency range from 9kHz to 3GHz. It has superior basic performance such as high C/N ratio, low distortion and high frequency/level accuracies and is easy to operate.

It has a ‘Measure’ function for evaluation of radio equipment (frequency counter, C/N adjacent channel power, occupied frequency bandwidth, burst average power and template decision function) and which enables the two-screen display and FM demodulation waveform display. The large selection of options means that a wider range of applications can be handled at reasonable cost.



  • Options allow the addition of 75 W impedance and a 75 W tracking generator

CDMA Cellular Measurements

  • Channel power, occupied frequency bandwidth, adjacent channel power
  • Time response for open-loop power control
  • Spurious measurements

PDC Measurements for base stations

  • Channel power, frequency, occupied frequency bandwidth, adjacent channel power
  • Spurious

GSM Measurement Software

  • Power, time response, adjacent channel power
  • Spurious
  • Intermodulation characteristics

CATV Measurement Software

  • Video power, C/N, frequency, cross modulation, CTB, modulation factor, hum

EMI Measurement Software

  • Radiated emission, conducted emission



  • Frequency Range
  • 9kHz to 3GHz (standard)
  • Rugged MIL-STD-28800 Class 3
  • Compact and Lightweight (15kg or less in standard configuration)
  • Portable for installation and maintenance
  • Frequency Counter with 1 Hz resolution
  • Superior RF-performance specifications
  • Bright full-color screen visible in direct sunlight
  • Remote Control Capability using SpectRe software (included)
  • Enables near-real-time remote monitoring, control, and data collection.
  • Control measurement parameters on the fly and see results immediately.

This is a compact easy-to-use Spectrum Analyzer. It will be tested before release and we provide a 90-day warranty.

Please refer to datasheet for specifications.

Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C (9kHz-8.1GHz)

Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C front view

Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C (9kHz-8.1GHz)

Datasheet Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C

Anritsu Spectrum Analyzer MS2663C (9kHz-8.1GHz)

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