CPI SAT 3.8m Ku-band RxTx VSAT Antenna 1385-series

Condition:New OEM
Manufacturer:CPI, Inc.

CPISAT 3.8m Ku-band RxTx VSAT Antenna 1385-series

CPISAT 3.8m VSAT Antenna Ku-band Series 1385 is ideally suited for demanding commercial applications. The four-piece compression molded reflector is precision manufactured for high-efficiency Ku-Band operation.

The AZ/EL mount is designed for easy installation on standard Installation Mounts, features fine Azimuth and Elevation Adjustments, and is  is constructed from heavy gauge pre-galvanized steel for strength and corrosion resistance.


  • Transmit quality precision SMC-reflector
  • Fine Elevation and Azimuth adjustments
  • Available with a variety of feed and feed support options
  • Long focal length optics for low cross-pol
  • Durable and rugged construction for Ease of shipping and handling
  • Heavy gauge galvanized steel AZ/EL mount



  • Four-piece compression molded reflector panels
  • Easy installation



  • Ideally suited for demanding commercial applications

CPI VSAT Antennas

CPI SAT’s VSAT antennas are the former GDSatcom/Prodelin VSAT antennas. GDSatcom was acquired by CPI at the end of 2019 and all Earth Station and VSAT antennas were integrated with CPI’s Malibu division to create CPI Satcom & Antenna Technologies Division (CPI SAT).

Skybrokers can provide CPI VSAT antennas sizing from 1.2m to 3.8m in C-, Ku- and Ka-band. We have access to stock locations for quick deliveries ex works USA or UK. Please feel free to inquire more information.


CPI SAT 3.8m Ku-band RxTx VSAT Antenna 1385-series

CPI 3.8m VSAT Antenna 1385-series

CPI SAT 3.8m Ku-band RxTx VSAT Antenna 1385-series

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