Datum PSM-500L Satellite Modem

Condition:Used and tested
Manufacturer:Datum Systems

Datum PSM-500L Satellite Modem

The Datum Systems PSM-500L Satellite Modem offers reliability and efficiency. Datum Systems’ high-performance L-Band Satellite Modem is the industry’s most reliable & flexible modem in its class with multiple external BUC supply options for easy field configurability. The PSM-500L is unmatched by any other modem for its BER performance, fast acquisition, low latency and total power/bandwidth optimization.

Key Highlights 

  • FlexLDPC Multi Block Sizes & Code Rates
  • External BUC Power Flexibility
  • High Stability 10MHz Reference
  • 2 kbps to 29.5 Mbps
  • TPC, Viterbi, TCM, Reed Solomon
  • Most FEC Types and Modcods
  • Ethernet IP Interface
  • Bridge and Router Modes, QoS
  • SCPS – TCP/IP Acceleration
  • Lowest Latency, <15 ms at 64 kbps 3⁄4 QPSK
  • Typical acquisition time, 71 ms at 64 kbps
  • Async Channel, AUPC
  • Remote Modem Control Channel
  • Tx Output of 40 dB, +5 to –35 dBm
  • Optional SNMP Remote Interface
  • Web Browser GUI


  • Cellular Backhaul
  • Enterprise
  • IP Networks
  • On-the-Move
  • Bandwidth on Demand

We have one PSM-500L L-band Satellite modem available from the shelf and can be released quickly after power-on test. We provide a 90-day warranty and we can ship worldwide EXW The Netherlands.

Datum PSM-500L Satellite Modem

Datum Systems PSM-500L L-band satellite modem front
Datum Systems PSM-500L L-band satellite modem front
Datum Systems PSM-500L L-band satellite modem top
Datum Systems PSM-500L L-band satellite modem rear

Datum PSM-500L Satellite Modem

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