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Global Skyware 2.4m Ku-Band RxTx VSAT Class III Antenna type 243

Condition:New OEM
Model:type 243
Manufacturer:Global Invacom

Global Skyware 2.4m VSAT Antenna type 243 Class III RxTx

The Global Skyware 2.4m VSAT Antenna type 243 Class III RxTx is a rugged commercial grade product suitable for the most demanding applications. The reflector is thermoset-molded for strength and surface accuracy. Molded into the rear of the reflector is a network of support ribs which not only strengthens the antenna, but also helps to maintain its critical parabolic shape necessary for transmit performance.

The AZ/EL mount is constructed from heavy-gauge steel to provide a rigid support to the reflector and feed support arm. Heavy-duty lockdown bolts secure the mount to any 6.63″ (168mm) O.D. mast and prevent slippage in high winds. Hot-dip galvanizing is standard for maximum environmental protection.


– Two-piece precision offset thermoset-molded reflector
– Polarization: Linear Cross Pol
– Feed includes a Transmit Reject Filter
– Tx Operating Frequency: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz
– Rx Operating Frequency: 10.95 – 12.75 GHz
– Heavy-duty galvanized Az/El mount
– Fine Azimuth and elevation adjustments
– Galvanized support arm and alignment struts
– Factory pre-assembled mount
– Galvanized and stainless hardware formaximum corrosion resistance
– Includes Ku-Band linear cross-polarized RxTx feed assembly
– 6.63″ (168mm) Mast Pipe
– Heavy-duty Class III mount for 25lb (11kgs) RF electronics (LNB & BUC)
– Intelsat Approved

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Global Skyware 2.4m Ku-Band RxTx VSAT Class III Antenna type 243

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