Norsat Line Attenuator LA100-series

Condition:New OEM

Norsat’s Line Attenuator allows up to 3A of current and passes 10MHz Reference Signal. It features a rugged machined aluminum chassis, and is environmentally sealed and moisture resistant.


L-Band Frequency Range:
950 to 2,150 MHz (N),
950 to 1,750 MHz (F)

Attenuation Options:
6 to 18dB depending on model number

DC Input Current max:
3A between 0 to 48V (N),
2A between 0 to 48V (F)

Dimensions (L x W x H):
90 x 35 x 25mm (3.6 x 1.4 x 1.0inch.)

140g (4.9oz)


  • Allows up to 3A of current in N-Connector Model
  • Passes 10 MHz Reference Signal
  • Passes L-Band, 10 MHz, 22kHz, and DC signals with minimal loss
  • Rugged machined aluminum chassis
  • Environmentally sealed and moisture resistant

Norsat Line Attenuator LA100-series

Norsat L-band Line Attenuator model LA100

Norsat Line Attenuator LA100-series

Datasheet Norsat L-band Line Attenuator LA100

Norsat Line Attenuator LA100-series

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