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Miteq L-band (940 – 2,150MHz) Beacon Receiver model BR-L

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Miteq L-band (940 – 2150MHz) Beacon Receiver model BR-L

The Miteq L-band (940 – 2150MHz) Beacon Receiver, model BR-L, is a versatile receiver designed to lock onto a CW or modulated carrier and provide accurate and reliable relative power measurement indicators for either antenna positioning or uplink power control applications.

The BR-L operates in the L-Band and accepts a 940 – 2150MHz signal. The outputs of the beacon receiver are analog and digital indicators of power measured at the input of the beacon receiver. The beacon receiver fits neatly into a single EIA standard rack height (1.75 inches).

A rich feature set of controls and indicators are easily accessible via an intuitive operating environment. The receiver can be setup completely from the front panel or over a remote bus via a host computer. There are 32 memory locations where various setups can be stored and recalled easily. Also, a log is continuously updated with time-stamped records of alarm activity.

Key Features

  • RS485/RS422 selectable remote control
  • Contact closure status outputs
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface providing:
    – HTTP-based web server
    – SNMP 1.0 configuration
    – Alarm reporting via SNMP Trap
    – Telnet access
    – Password protection and selectable RS485/422

About Miteq, Inc.

Miteq, Inc, (Microwave Information Transmission EQuipment), was a recognized leader in the advanced development and manufacturing of RF and Microwave Components, Assemblies and Systems for both military and commercial applications.

Miteq offered SATCOM products, such as frequency converter and translator systems, amplifiers, redundant switchover units, equalizer products, uplink power control units, beacon receivers, fiber optic products, video products, Inmarsat products and custom communication equipment. The company also provided RF/microwave assemblies, which include amplifier, converter, multiplexer, receiver, and switch assemblies; levelers; log, limiter, and discriminator products; mono-pulse detectors; and reflectometers.

In 2015 Miteq, Inc. was acquired by Level3 Communications based in Hauppauge New York. The new organization was operating as L3 Narda Miteq. In December 2021 L3Harris Technologies sold of its Narda-Miteq business to an investment affiliate of J.F. Lehman & Company in the USA.

Miteq L-band (940 – 2,150MHz) Beacon Receiver model BR-L

Miteq L-band Beacon Receiver BR-L (detail)
Miteq L-band Beacon Receiver BR-L (front)
Miteq L-band Beacon Receiver BR-L (lable)
Miteq L-band Beacon Receiver BR-L (rear)

Miteq L-band (940 – 2,150MHz) Beacon Receiver model BR-L

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