Research Concepts RC2500 Antenna Controller

Condition:Used and tested
Manufacturer:Research Concepts Inc. (RCI)

Research Concepts RC2500 Antenna Controller (USED)

The Research Concepts RC2500 Antenna Controller is designed to provide an upgrade path for users of older, unsupported antenna controllers. The large investment in an antenna system is preserved by retrofitting an existing installation with the RC2500. In addition to the ease of use afforded by the industry standard menu scheme of the RC2000-series, the capability of the antenna system can be enhanced to include features such as inclined orbit tracking and PC remote control.

A reliable all solid-state control section interfaces to many standard antenna-pad-mounted drive housings. Optically coupled drive outputs and limit inputs provide isolation between the outdoor unit and the rack-mounted RC2500. The RC2500 can support a single summary limit input or individual limits for each axis.

Antenna Position sensing is performed by high precision resolver system. Overall, the RC2500 is well equipped to handle the demanding requirements for both domestic and international inclined-orbit satellite tracking.


  • Automatic Positioning
    precisely positions antenna with the press of a single key
  • User Friendly Interface
    operator interaction is the same as the Industry Standard RC2000
  • Easy to Read Super-twisted nematic LCD simultaneously displays Az, El and Pol Angles, Received Signal Strength, as well as current Satellite Name and Longitude
  • Non-volatile Memory
    stores 38 preset position and polarization combinations
  • Continuous Antenna Status Monitoring
    motion limits, drive error, maintenance, emergency stop and runaway conditions
  • Dual Speed
    fast slewing, fine positioning
  • Inclined-Orbit Tracking
    Step Track, Memory & Search modes supported
  • Solid-State Control Circuitry
    5KV-rated opto-isolation, operates with many out- door boxes
  • Intelli-Search
    eliminates problems associated with traditional searches – search mode may be overridden for transmit applications
  • Multi-Band Operation
    supports Ku, C and L-band satellites
  • Optional RS-422 PC Control Interface
    automated control with many popular packages
  • High-Resolution Resolver Interface
    ensures accurate Ku-band positioning
  • Software Controlled Offsets
    allows for easy resolver setup
  • Designed for Future Expansion
    designed-in ports for potentiometer-based feed control, RF power measurement circuits, TTL- compatible Digital input, form-C relay output

We have one unit of the shelf and can be shipped quickly EXW The Netherlands. We provide a 90-day warranty.

Research Concepts RC2500 Antenna Controller

RCi Antenna Controller RC2500 front
RCi Antenna Controller RC2500 top
RCi Antenna Controller RC2500 rear
RCi Antenna Controller RC2500 lable

Research Concepts RC2500 Antenna Controller

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