SAT-NMS Antenna Control Unit/Outdoor Module for antenna tracking

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SAT-NMS Antenna Control Unit/Outdoor Module for antenna tracking

The sat-nms ACU-ODM Module (Outdoor Module) is the core module of a complete antenna step-track system, which tracks precisely any antenna size on the satellite. The software implements the standard step- tracking mode as well as an improved Adaptive Tracking Algorithm.

The sat-nms ACU-ODM records the tracked positions for several days based on these data and calculates a mathematical model to predict the antenna position. This reduces possible step-track failures and provides continuous operation in case of a beacon receive failure.

In the third operation mode called “Program Tracking” the antenna follows a path defined by a file that contains time stamped azimuth, elevation and polarization values, which usually has been calculated by external software.

The SAT-NMS Antenna Control Unit can also be used as a pure and very cost-effective antenna-positioning controller for smaller antennas as in this case. The tracking software option needn’t be installed. The DIN Rail Module provides all necessary interfaces to any antenna.

The sat-nms ACU-ODM Module can be very flexibly adapted to any type of antenna as the motor controllers can be selected independently.

  • Three motor controllers, like DC servos for smaller antennas or frequency inverters, which are commonly used in larger antennas.
  • Limit switches, alarm circuits.
  • Angular detectors measuring the azimuth, elevation and polarization angle, three different daughter boards are available that cover most of the angle detectors used in satellite ground stations:
    – Analog resolver, covering the existing antennas
    – Digital angle detectors with SSI-interface
    – A/D-interface to measure the voltage across a precision potentiometer.

The DIN Rail Module can be directly integrated into a cabinet at the antenna. Together with the sat-nms LBRX Beacon Receiver, also available as DIN Rail Module, it is possible to have a complete step-track system integrated into the antennacabinet.

The sat-nms ACU-ODM Module includes an integrated webserver and provides its operator interface via web browser.

Skybrokers can integrate the sat-nms antenna control system on your new or used Earth Station Antenna. We have installed many systems! Please contact us for more information.

SAT-NMS Antenna Control Unit/Outdoor Module for antenna tracking

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sat-nms ODU
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SAT-NMS Antenna Control Unit/Outdoor Module for antenna tracking

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