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Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna

Condition:Used and refurbished
Manufacturer:Viasat, Inc.

Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna

The Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna is designed for high- performance Ka-band GEO-stationary satellite applications. The shaped cassegrain reflector provides superior gain and sidelobe performance at Ka-band frequencies. Improved high precision stretch formed panels are supported by strong radial trusses attached to a large central hub, and spars support a precision machined subreflector.

All aluminium reflector materials, coated with a solar diffusive white paint, minimize thermal effects at Ka-band. The reflector back structure and subreflector spars are designed to exacting Ka-band rigidity requirements under wind and gravity loads.

The oversized hub provides an environmentally controlled, protective enclosure for sensitive electronics and ample space for equipment such as HPAs, with easy access from the large extended work platform. Locating HPAs within the hub minimizes TX path losses.

The precision steel mount delivers Ka-band pointing accuracy in adverse wind conditions. The pedestal design features a precision azimuth bearing and very low backlash for high performance.

Antenna Control Unit

ViaSat’s Antenna Control Units are ideally suited for controlling the Ka- band antenna, offering full DC servo performance and adaptive step tracking or monopulse autotrack options depending on the desired tracking accuracy. The GS site at NSC facilitates visibility of the Geo Arc from 58°E to 75°W at 5° elevation.





Operating Frequency (GHz)
Receive: 17.7 – 20.2
Transmit: 27.5 – 30.0

Gain (ref feed horn)
17.70 GHz 63.0 dBi
18.95 GHz 63.6 dBi
20.20 GHz 64.2 dBi
27.50 GHz 66.4 dBi
28.75 GHz 66.7 dBi
30.00 GHz 67.0 dBi

Feed Insertion Loss (dB, 4-pt CP, tracking)
Receive: < 0.55 dB
Transmit: < 0.53 dB

Beamwidth (3 dB)
Receive: 0.12° nominal
Transmit: 0.08° nominal

VSWR (Tx/Rx)

Sense: Simultaneous RHC & LHC
Axial Ratio: 1.06:1 (0.50 dB)
Pattern Envelope Compliant to ITU 580-5, FCC 25.209

Feed System

  • 4-port Tx/Rx circular polarization
  • TE21 tracking coupler
  • WR34 Tx ports / WR42 Rx ports
  • 500 W CW transmit power per port
  • 85 dB Tx/Rx isolation
  • 18 dB Tx/Tx and Rx/Rx isolation

Antenna Noise Temperature

Clear sky, 20° C, ref feed horn:

Elevation        17.7 GHz         20.2 GHz

10°                  62K                 103K

30°                  30K                 103K

40°                  25K                 39K

 Note: Other 2.5 GHz wide frequency bands within 17.7 – 21.2 GHz and 27.5 – 31.0 GHz bands available.



Dual reflector, axis-symmetric

Mount Type


  • Alignment: Optical Mount Type
  • Diameter: 9.1 meters (30.0 ft)
  • Panels: 48, precision aluminum, 2 tiers

Axis Drives Elevation

  • Jackscrew: 0.2°/sec, options to 0.5°/sec
  • Azimuth: Dual Drive, 0.5°/sec, options to 1.0°/sec

Antenna Travel
Elevation: 0° to 90° continuous
Azimuth: 180° continuous

Hub Enclosure
Width: 82inch (208cm) Depth: 44inch (121cm)




  • Operational: -30°C to +55°C
  • Optional Range: -40°C to +55°C


  • Operational: 72 km/h gusting to 97 km/h
  • Survival: 200 km/h (stow mode)
  • Atmospheric Conditions: Salt, pollutants, and corrosive contaminants as found in coastal and industrial areas
  • Deicing (Optional):
    – Main reflector – Hot air
    – Feed – Resistive heaters
    – Subreflector – Resistive heaters


  • Fiber IFL between GS and NSC
  • Data Centre for onward 10G / 100G backhaul to National / International POP.

Antenna is still erected in Europe and needs to be dismantled on order. Please check our Earth Station de-installation and Re-installation services.

Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna

Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna
Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna

Viasat 9.1m Ka-band Broadband Gateway Earth Station Antenna

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