Skybrokers de-installs a VertexRSI 9m Earth Station Antenna at ViewSat at the Cobbett Hill teleport in Guildford, UK

Skybrokers de-installs a VertexRSI 9m Earth Station Antenna

Skybrokers was contracted in March 2017 by ViewSat to remove a VertexRSI 9.0m Earth Station Antenna from their premises co-located at the Cobbett Hill Earth Station facility in Guildford in the UK. Our team took the antenna down in one week and moved it with a dedicated truck to our facility in Central Europe for Earth Station Antenna refurbishment. The antenna found a new home in 2018.

ViewSat was a niche provider, serving broadcast and transmission services into sub-Saharan Africa. The company started operations in 2006 as a global media content service provider with over 130 channels worldwide, maintaining a sustained investment in new network capacity and contemporary systems, all designed to benefit its users.

Viewsat’s extensive satellite and fibre network platforms provide a global communications hub to broadcast audio and visual content direct to homes, studios or cable head ends on every continent.

In 2019 ViewSat changed its name to ViewMedia to reflect the expansion of its portfolio to service the requirements of broadcasters worldwide.