Sea Tel Coastal 18 TVRO Radome 46cm

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Sea Tel Coastal 18 TVRO Radome 46cm

Brand: Sea Tel Inc.

Part number: Coastal 18

The Sea Tel Coastal 18 TVRO terminal 45.7cm (18inch) is small in size with a 18inch diameter dish inside, perfect for small yachts, with a wiide coverage range and built-in GPS for fast satellite acquisitions, 2-Axis stabilization system, Min. EIRP 49dBW, 10-16VDC input power, operating Temp. range: -20-55degr Celsius, Ship’s motion +/- 25degr Roll & +/1 15degr Pitch, Azimuth Turn Rate: 12degr/sec, High performance stabilization and satellite tracing, HD Ready (except for use with DirecTV),  Antenna weight: 17.2kgs (38lbs).

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productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

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  • Condition: new OEM
  • Current status: 6-8 weeks delivery time