Advantech 100W C-band Power Amplifier

Advantech 100W C-band Power Amplifier installed.

The Advantech 100W C-band Power Amplifier ARMA-C100-CRM is part of Advantech’s medium power SSPA-series with full microprocessor based M&C and output power ranging from 80W to 150W. Other C-band rack-mount SSPA’s are available for output powers from 5W to 3,200W.

Advantech’s rackmount SSPA’s set the industry standard for linearity and operating efficiency. The featured amplifiers are of compact size and occupy 4 RU (7inch) of a standard 19inch rack.

Advantech Wireless, Inc. is an industry leader in design, manufacture and supplier of satellite equipment (Solid State Power Amplifiers, Block-up Converters, Converters and Transceivers, advanced VSAT Terminals, Satellite Modems, Data Broadcast Receivers and Antenna Control Systems) and wireless communications. The company also provides end-to-end, total communications solutions to the military, telephone companies, telecommunications service providers, ISP’s, wireless operators, broadcast operators, system integrators and Fortune 500 enterprises around the globe.

In 2018 Baylin Technology Company acquired the radio frequency, terrestrial microwave and antenna equipment divisions of Advantech Wireless, Inc.

Skybrokers offers for over 10 years Advantech Wireless SSPA’s, BUC’s, Frequency Converters and Modems. We supported several clients with new and used BUC’s and SSPA’s such as the 40W Extended Ku-band BUC and 50W Ku-band and 150W C-band outdoor SSPA.