Gazprom Yamal-401 Satellite under construction.

Gazprom Yamal-401 Satellite under construction

The Gazprom Yamal-401 satellite has a capacity of 53 transponders or 88 equivalent 36MHz transponders. The satellite’s combined payload consists of 17 standard C-band 72MHz, 18 standard Ku-band 72 MHz and 18 “planned” Ku-band 36 MHz transponders. A fixed contoured Russian / CIS beam is formed on Yamal-401 to operate in C-band and 2 fixed contoured beams are formed to operate in Ku-band. The Northern beam covers all the visible territory of Russia and near-by countries. The highest power of this beam is focused on the most populated territory of Russia.

Yamal-401’s 18 72MHz transponders with standard bandwidth are used in Northern beam. The Russian beam exactly contours the Russian borders. Transponders with “planned” bandwidth (18 36MHz transponders) operate in this beam.

Yamal-401, constructed by Thales Alenia Space, is located at 90° East and is a large-sized satellite with a payload power of more than 10 kW. The satellite was launched on a Proton M rocket operated by launch operator ILS on December 15th, 2014.

Gazprom Space Systems (GSS) is a private commercial, non-governmental satellite operator based in Russia. The main shareholder is Gazprom (established in 1989) and one of the largest energy companies in the world. GSS is one of the two Russian national satellite operators and one of about 50 satellite operators in the world.

GSS operates and develops the Yamal satellite communication system consisting of five mid-size satellites, providing 30% of the satellite capacity available in Russia; Yamal-202, Yamal-300K (183°E), Yamal-402 (55°E), Yamal-401 (90°E), Yamal-601 (49°E) and ground control complex, designed and built jointly with the RSC Energia Space company and ISS Reshetnev.

The Yamal-100 and Yamal-201 satellites serving mainly the Russian/CIS market. The Yamal-202 satellite has a wide service area covering most of the Eastern Hemisphere and caters to the international satellite market. The satellites are used to transmit over 60 Russian and foreign television channels and are also used by the Defense, Nuclear Energy and Education Ministries.

Gazprom Space Systems GSS is one of the two Russian national satellite operators and one of about 50 satellite operators in the world. has four teleports in the city of Moscow and in the surrounding Moscow region, which are connected to the main telecom backbones by means of fiber-optic lines. Gazprom Space Systems has more than 200 clients in Russia and abroad. One fourth of Gazprom Space Systems’ revenues come from the international markets.

With the launches of the Yamal-300K, Yamal-401 & Yamal-402 the company intended to increase its satellite capacity by 400% from current levels and to build a new teleport in the Moscow region.