Satellite footprints

Yamal-300K at 183° East

Position:183° East
Manufacturer:ISS Reshetnev
Operator:Gazprom Space Systems
Launch operator:ILS
Launch vehicle:Proton M/Breeze
Launch date:11/03/2012
Expected lifetime:13 Years

The Gazprom Yamal-300K satellite is a mid-size spacecraft with a payload power of 5.6kW and fitted with a combined payload, including 11 C-band 72MHz and 18 Ku-band 72MHz transponders.

To operate in C-band there is an Rx/Tx antenna installed on Yamal-300K satellite, which forms a fixed contoured beam. The Ku-band antennas installed on the satellite form three beams: one fixed contoured beam (Northern beam 1), one fixed elliptic beam (Northern beam 2) and one steerable beam.

The Northern beam 1 covers eastern territory of Russia, the northern part of the Pacific Ocean and the western territory of North America. Six transponders are operating in this beam. The Northern beam 2 covers the Eastern part of Russia. Nine transponders are operating in this beam.

The steerable beam can be moved with the commands from the earth while the satellite is in service. Three transponders are operating in this beam.

Yamal-300K was built by ISS Reshetnev based on their Express-1000HTA bus. The satellite was launched in a dual launch on a Proton rocket operated by launch operator ILS, on November 3rd, 2012. The satellite was put into the orbital position of 183 ° East.



Yamal-300K at 183° East

Gazprom Yamal 300K satellite testing
Gazprom Yamal 300K satellite testing2
Gazprom Yamal 300K satellite testing3
Gazprom Yamal 300K satellite launched

Yamal-300K at 183° East

Yamal 300K C-band Russian Beam
Yamal 300K Ku-band Northern Beam #1
Yamal 300K Ku-band Northern Beam #2
Yamal 300K Ku-band Steerable Beam (possible position)