RSI 11.3m Earth Station Antenna installed at Axess (aka CETel) Teleport in Germany

RSI 11.3m Earth Station antenna installed at Axess (aka CETel) Teleport in Ruppichteroth, Germany.

Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) was founded in 1960 and based in Sterling, VA, USA. The Company designed, manufactured and installed high quality antenna systems and parts for radar, air traffic control, military and satellite communications systems. Its products were also used in tactical military communications, scientific research, TV broadcasting and civilian wireless mobile communications.

In 1994 Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) was owned by COMSAT, Inc. and later on by Tripoint Global that merged RSI with Vertex to become VertexRSI in 1999. In 2004 General Dynamics acquired Tripoint Global and merged VertexRSI into its organization to become GDSatcom Technologies. In 2019 GD Satcom was acquired by CPI, Inc.

CETel was an independent teleport operator when it merged in 2019 with Latin-American based AXESAT to form Axess Networks. Satellite operator HispaSat from Spain acquired Axess Networks in 2020 to transform from an infrastructure company to a service company.

Hispasat S.A is the Spanish satellite operator for eight satellites that cover the Americas, Europe and North Africa from orbital positions 30° West and 61° West. Hispasat’s fleet of satellites broadcast more than 1,250 television channels and radio stations to more than 30 million homes, as well as providing services for broadband to mobile telephones and landlines.

Hispasat S.A. generates nearly two thirds of its revenue from Latin America, and reported a profit of 80.5 million euros from 235 million euros in revenue in 2017.

The Hispasat Group is formed of Hispasat S.A, its subsidiaries Hispasat Canarias, Hispamar Satellites (a joint venture with the Brazilian telephone operator Oi), Hispasat Brazil and associated companies Hisdesat Strategic Services and Galileo Systems and Services.