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Earth Station Antenna De-icing Systems (Caloplex)

Condition:New OEM

Earth Station Antenna Deicing Systems

Skybrokers provides quality Earth Station Antenna Deicing for your refurbished Earth Station Antenna. The deicing system can be installed on your refurbished Earth Station Antenna prior to installation or can be installed when your antenna is already erected. Our professional team is able to assist in both options.

Heating pads have no additional thermal insulation and are highly flexible due to their design. The operating temperatures are between 0 and 900°C, according to type and design of the material and heating cables used. They cannot only be used on plain surfaces, but also for cylindrical pipes and containers. Different from the heating foils, the glass-or PTFE-insulated constant wattage heating cable is sewed onto a glass fiber support fabric in meandering shape (loop-shaped). A glass fiber covering material is fixed on top for mechanical protection. Sensors for temperature regulation as well as for limitation can be integrated. Precisely tailored installation is guaranteed by hooks, eyelets or lacings.

The system designs encompass but are ‘Not Limited To’ the following antenna manufacturers:

Control systems

We offer the adequate electrical control for your heating. By knowing the exact general requirements, we can guarantee optimum operating conditions for the control of our heating systems. Our aim is the energy-conscious and cost-effective operation while ensuring gentle treatment of the material at the same time. The scope of service includes planning, implementation, testing according to current standards, documentation and – if necessary – installation.

Skybrokers provided and installed various Caloplex de-icing packages for their used and refurbished Earth Station Antennas such as Andrew 7.6m, RSI 9.2m, VertexRSI 7.2m and Viasat 11.3m antennas. These de-icing packages are custom made at the factory in Germany prior to shipping to our Antenna facility in Central Europe. Please check the image section for samples.

Earth Station Antenna De-icing Systems (Caloplex)

Caloplex De-icing Control System
Caloplex De-icing pads
De-icing pads for Andrew 7.6m antenna
De-icing pads for RSI 9.2m antenna
De-icing pads for RSI 9.2m antenna
Caloplex de-icing outdoor cabinet
De-icing pads for Viasat 11.3m antenna
De-icing pads for Viasat 11.3m antenna

Earth Station Antenna De-icing Systems (Caloplex)

Caloplex CP-CWH-PTFE-IBCaloplex product brochure

Earth Station Antenna De-icing Systems (Caloplex)

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