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Earth Station & VSAT Antenna De-icing Systems (SHS)

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Earth Station Antenna De-icing

Skybrokers provide quality VSAT and Earth Station Antenna Deicing systems for your refurbished Earth Station Antenna. De-icing can be installed on your refurbished antenna prior to installation or can be installed when your antenna is already erected. Our professional team is able to assist in both options.

The formation of ice and snowfall, especially on parabolic antennas, is a major cause in loss of signal transmittal and reception during winter months or for dishes at high altitude locations.

Founded in 1997 and with over 21 years in the industry, Surface Heating Systems, Ltd have successfully developed a range of heating systems compatible with most major manufacturers antennas to prevent the build-up of snow & ice, keeping the antennas operational in the severest of weather conditions and thus preventing interference and costly down time.

Specially shaped soft backed aluminum heating panels are applied direct to the convex side of the antenna and controlled via an ice/snow sensing control unit. Alu-foil systems installed have ranged from diameters of 0.5m up to (at present) 18m with power loadings to suit.

SHS’ system designs encompass but are ‘Not Limited To’ the following antenna manufacturers:

Skybrokers provided and installed various SHS Earth Station Antenna Deicing packages for Andrew 3.7m and 7.6m Earth Station Antennas. These systems are custom made and will be shipped from the UK to our Antenna facility in Central Europe.


Earth Station & VSAT Antenna De-icing Systems (SHS)

ASC Signal 3.7m with SHS full reflector de-icing
ASC Signal 5.6m with SHS full reflector de-icing

Earth Station & VSAT Antenna De-icing Systems (SHS)

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