Ericsson AVP3000 MPEG-2&4 DVB-Sx DSNG Encoder

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Ericsson AVP3000 MPEG-2&4 DVB-Sx DSNG Encoder

The Ericsson AVP3000 DSNG Encoder is Ericsson’s sixth generation DSNG product and is the most flexible and scalable news gathering system on the market, reflecting Ericsson’s technology leadership and unique heritage in this segment.

The AVP 3000 Voyager excels in providing maximum flexibility, performance and interoperability while delivering the best return on investment to operators and service providers through the widest range of software upgradeable paths and expansions options.

The AVP 3000 Voyager is built upon a revolutionary modular chassis in a space-saving 1RU form factor with up to six hot swappable option slots. It supports a comprehensive range of processing options, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4 AVC, JPEG-2000 and HEVC are all supported. An integrated satellite modulator offers high order DVB-S/S2/S2X modulation on both IF and L-Band outputs.

The Ericsson AVP 3000 Voyager features a fully functional front panel re-engineered bottom-up to meet the demand of the mobile environment, including ease of operations, quick menu access and effective monitoring. Overall it represents the most advanced DSNG unit on the market, offering broadcast- ers, operators and service providers the level of integration, flexibility and scalability necessary to future-proof any operational investment during today’s technology migration.

Base Unit Features


  • Six slot single PSU AVP3000/BAS/1AC/A, FAZ 101 0196/231
  • Four slot dual PSU AVP3000/BAS/2AC/A, FAZ 101 0196/232
  • Six slot dual PSU Flying Leads AVP3000/BAS/2ACFL/A, FAZ 101 0196/233

Base Chassis Includes

  • Integrated DVB-S/S2 modulator with IF and L-Band outputs
  • Integrated redundant IP outputs
  • Fully functional front panel control with highest level of monitoring
  • SMPTE 2022-1/-2 (Pro-MPEG) FEC on a single SPTS/ MPTS
  • Encryption of output MPEG-2 Transport Stream using Basic Interoperable Scrambling System (BISS) for secure contribution links Supports BISS-modes 0,1and E
  • Webbrowser control
  • Servicelevel Remux, (Requires AVP/HWO/ASI/IO/A)

Chassis Platform Capabilities

  • MPEG-2 Transport Stream generation
  • Multiple concurrent and independent output options
  • Exceptional modulation accuracy and spectral purity
  • Ericsson’s RAS scrambling scheme available free of charge on all AVP 3000 units though the Satellite modulator only
  • Activation through Value Packs


Unit is slightly used and has full options, IF&L-band, 4:2:2, 1080P, World, DVB-Sx, ASI board etc. Please feel free to inquire more information. We have provided an Ericsson AVP3000 Encoder to a broadcasting company in Sweden recently.

Unit will be tested prior to shipping and comes with 90-day warranty.

Ericsson AVP3000 MPEG-2&4 DVB-Sx DSNG Encoder

Datasheet Ericsson DSNG Encoder AVP3000

Ericsson AVP3000 MPEG-2&4 DVB-Sx DSNG Encoder

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