VertexRSI De-icing Controller Indoor Rackmount, model 1230

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VertexRSI De-icing Controller Indoor Rackmount, model 1230

The VertexRSI de-icing controller indoor rackmount, model 1230 is an Automatic Deicing System (ADS). The unit is a versatile and reliable system designed to maintain ice-free surfaces on the main reflector, sub-reflector, and feed window of earth station antennas from 4.6 to 21m in diameter. The 1230 ADS features fully automatic operation with manual override capability from the rack- mounted control unit front panel or through a rear panel remote interface (parallel, dry contact closures).

The main reflector is heated by forced air convection; air is continuously heated and circulated in a plenum formed by the reflector panels and special insulating panels added to the rear of the reflector backup structure. A high quality, low watt-density heater blanket adhered to the outer feed horn surface pro- vides direct conductive heating to keep the feed window free of freezing precipitation.

Sub-reflector heat is applied through embedded elements in fiberglass units or by forced air convection when metal sub-reflectors are used. The Antenna heat may be controlled individually in two stages for the main reflector and for the combined stage of feed and sub-reflector heaters. Any of these heat stages may be selected or locked out in manual mode and in automatic mode.

In automatic mode, heat is applied, subject to stage selection, as dictated by an ice detector probe that senses moisture and temperature to detect freezing precipitation.

Key Features

  • Operates in automatic or manual mode,
  • Logical, straight forward controls and indicators,
  • Accepts dry contact closures for remote monitoring and operation,
  • NEMA 4X-rated power control unit enclosure,
  • Heavy gauge steel heater housings with corrosion resistant heating elements,
  • Locking toggle switches prevent accidentally turning a subsystem OFF or ON,
  • Totally enclosed heater motors and elements.


Simple Operation

The 1230 ADS is simple to use. In automatic operation, when the ice detector probe senses an icing condition at the antenna, the selected heaters activate until precipitation ceases and a predetermined time delay expires. The system resets automatically, and when further icing conditions are detected, the selected heaters activate.

For manual operation, simply toggle the MODE switch to MANUAL and toggle the desired ON/SELECT/OFF switch(es). For remote operation, the 1230 accepts relay dry contact closures, and for remote status indication, relay dry contacts output the operational status of the deicing system.

Rugged Construction

Heavy duty, electric heaters circulate air throughout the reflector cavity. The rugged, industrial-rated heaters use totally enclosed, permanently lubricated fan motors with built- in thermal overload protection. The tubular, nickel chromium heating elements are corrosion resistant and surrounded by a protective, electrically isolated metal sheath.

The heater housings are constructed from heavy gauge, phosphate-coated steel and finished with epoxy paint. The deicing system power control unit housing comes standard as a NEMA 4X-rated enclosure for outstanding corrosion protection even in the harshest of environments. This unit is normally located in close proximity to the Earth Station antenna.


Skybrokers has separate 1230 de-icing controllers available from stock to replace your broken unit, or we can provide a complete de-icing system that includes the 1230 indoor unit and the outdoor control system.

VertexRSI offered the full range of earth station and base station communications products and was specialized in fixed and mobile satellite communication gateways, antennas, high power amplifiers, baseband products, frequency converters, controls and microwave components. VertexRSI offered design and engineering support as preparation for the installation.

Skybrokers offers for over 10 years VertexRSI Satellite Earth Station Antennas, new as well as used. We can provide turnkey solutions, refurbishment and upgrades. We supported several clients with new and used antennas, such as the VertexRSI 3.8m, VertexRSI 6.3m, VertexRSI 6.1, VertexRSI 7.2m, VertexRSI 8.1m and VertexRSI 9.3m.

The company was founded in 1973 and operated from 2004 till 2019 as subsidiary of General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, a USA based business unit of General Dynamics C4 Systems, operating as General Dynamics Mission Systems. VertexRSI was owned by Tripoint Global, a privately held company in New York who bought Vertex in 1999 from Vertex Corp. Tripoint Global was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications. Tripoint Global merged Vertex with RSI to become VertexRSI. GDSatcom acquired Trpoint Global in 2004. In 2019 VertexRSI (GDSatcom) was acquired by CPI, Inc.

VertexRSI De-icing Controller Indoor Rackmount, model 1230

VertexRSI 1230 De-icing controller Rackmount (detail)
VertexRSI 1230 De-icing controller Rackmount (front)
VertexRSI 1230 De-icing controller Rackmount (lable)
VertexRSI 1230 De-icing controller Rackmount (rear2)

VertexRSI De-icing Controller Indoor Rackmount, model 1230

Datasheet VertexRSI De-ice contoller model 1230

VertexRSI De-icing Controller Indoor Rackmount, model 1230

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